Dr César Enrique Giraldo Herrera

César Enrique Giraldo Herrera

César Enrique Giraldo Herrera is a Victoria Maltby Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College, Oxford. Trained in biology and anthropology, César holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Aberdeen, where he completed a thesis (Sweet Dreams Rocking Viking Boats, Biocultural Animic Perspectivism through Nordic Seamanship) under the supervision of Tim Ingold. Most recently he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Iceland, working on the project Biosocial Relations and Hierarchies with Gisli Palsson and Barbara Prainsack. His research interests include biosemiotics, the physiology of perception, environmental anthropology, bicultural syncretism, craftsmanship and studies of science, technology and medicine. At InSIS César will be working on the book manuscript Microbes and other spirits: Crossroads of microbiology and Amerindian shamanism, and working with Javier Lezaun on new research on the intersections of anthropology and the life sciences.

Email: cesar.giraldoherrera@some.ox.ac.uk