2022 Publications

Academic Publications:

Kelly, A., Lezaun, J., Street, A., (2022).  Global Health. accelerated: Rapid diagnostics and the fragile solidarities of 'emergency R&D'.,  Economy and Society

Nawaz, S., Satterfield, T., (2022).  Climate solution or corporate co-optation?  US and Canadian publics' views on agricultural gene editing.,  PLOS One

Nawaz, S., Satterfield, T., Phurisamban, R., (2022). Does “Precision” Matter? A Q Study of Public Interpretations of Gene Editing in Agriculture., Science, Technology & Human Values

Nawaz, S., Satterfield, T., (2022). On the nature of naturalness? Theorizing ‘nature’ for the study of public perceptions of novel genomic technologies in agriculture and conservation., Environmental Science and Policy 136 (2022) 291-303

Valenzuela, J., Rhys J.,  (2022)., In Plain Sight : The Rise of State Coordination and Fall of Liberalised Markets in the United Kingdom Power Sector., Energy Research & Social Science 94 (Nov).