Upcoming Events 2022

Thursday 17th November 2022

'Lessons Learned Where Science Meets Politics’

Noon-1:30pm, Seminar room, 64 Banbury Road.

Roger Pielke Jr. is Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado. He teaches and writes on a diverse range of policy and governance issues related to science, technology, environment, innovation and sports. Roger is a professor in the  Environmental Studies Program. Roger is currently focusing his research on a NSF-sponsored, 16-country evaluation of science advice in the COVID-19 pandemic. Roger holds degrees in mathematics, public policy and political science, all from the University of Colorado. In 2012 Roger was awarded an honorary doctorate from Linköping University in Sweden and was also awarded the Public Service Award of the Geological Society of America. His books include Hurricanes: Their Nature and Impacts on Society (1997); Prediction: Science, Decision Making and the Future of Nature (2001); The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics (2007); The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won’t Tell you About Global Warming (2010); and most recently The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters and Climate Change (2018).


Thursday 24th November 2022

Governance of carbon removal in Mexico and Latin America 

As part of the project Governance and Standards for Carbon Neutrality (GASCON), InSIS and El Colegio de México are hosting a roundtable in Mexico City.

The event will attempt to flesh out the main concerns of the research community on the development of a removal agenda that is meaningful to local stakeholders. The event will take place on 24th November in person in Mexico City at El Colegio de Mexico. Register to attend in person and details in Spanish: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mesa-redonda-gobernanza-de-la-remocion-y-sumidores-de-carbono-tickets-439459213337

The event will also have live transmission https://youtu.be/9x4Jn8Ud_kw. The recording will be available in the same link.

Please note the event will take place at 11pm UK time


Roundtable participants:

- Dra. Isabelle Rousseau, Center for International Studies, El Colegio de México

- Dr. José María Valenzuela, InSIS, University of Oxford

- Dra. Helena Cotler, CentroGeo-CONACYT

- Dra. Cinthya Molina, Energy Programme, El Colegio de México

- Dr. Pablo Diaz-Herrera, Institute for Atmospheric Research,  UNAM

- Graciela Reyes, FMCN (Mexican Fund for Nature Conservation)