2023 Publications

Academic Publications:


Kadeem, R., Feitleson, E., Halasah, S., Teff-Seker, Y., 2023., Toward a Typology of Environmental Cooperation in Postconflict Settings: The Case of Jordan and Israel., Global Environmental Politics 1-17

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Nawaz, S., Lezaun, J., Valenzuela, J.M., and Renforth, P., 2023., Broaden Research on Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement to Better Characterize Social Impacts., Environmental Science & Technology 2023 57 (24)

Smith, S., Valenzuela, J.M., et al., 2023. The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal Report 2023, The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal. United Kingdom., www.stateofcdr.org

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Settasfield, T., Nawaz, S., Peterson Saint Laurent, G., (2023). Exploring public acceptability of direct air carbon capture with storage: climate urgency, moral hazards and perceptions of the ‘whole versus the parts’., Climatic Change., Article 14

Settasfield, T., Nawaz, S., Peterson Saint Laurent, G., (2023). Public evaluations of four approaches to ocean-based carbon dioxide removal., Climatic Change.,