Impact & Engagement

Weather Matters – a virtual hub for the environmental humanities that explores the human dimensions of climate change has a new editor in InSIS Affiliate Sara de Wit; together with DPhil students Karl Dudman (InSIS), Julio Rodriguez Stimson (ISCA) and MA student Sacha Mouzin. The perspective “Dystopian Worlds: the end or beginning of time”? has been launched. See:


Sara de Wit has participated in the Brigstow project (Brigstow Institute, University of Bristol) to develop a flood survey: “How to make flood forecast data more useful for humanitarian intervention”? This survey is currently being tested before it will be scaled up to different flood forecast users to anticipate and mitigate the impacts of floods.


Pint of Ethics discussion group is hosted by InSIS' Louise Beziuidenhout. The voluntary online meet-up runs three times a term and is an uncritical space in which to discuss “ethical instances”, raise queries and seek advice from peers. Discussion is intended to crowdsource experiences and expertise to learn from. Interested?