Forecasts for AnTicipatory HUManitarian action (FATHUM)


FATHUM is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary project led by the University of Reading. The diverse team of FATHUM researchers will link together research on forecast predictability and skill, complex drivers of risk, multi-actor perspectives on successful implementation and financing mechanisms to catalyse and facilitate the scale-up of Forecast-based Financing (FbF) for effective, appropriate and impactful action before a disaster.

FbF is a new concept which uses forecasts of natural hazards to initiate humanitarian preparedness actions. An initial multimillion investment has led to 15 multi-hazard FbF pilot projects worldwide, implemented by the World Food Programme and Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies. These projects focus on initiating forecast-based actions on the ground and do not have capacity, expertise or resource to grapple with the wider challenges that currently hinder the success of FbF including understanding flood predictability and action governance.

FATHUM will provide the much needed evidence and direction through co-produced interdisciplinary research that will enable FbF to move beyond the initial pilot studies to national and international mechanisms for funding preparedness and humanitarian actions before a disaster. FATHUM researchers will use the lens of pilot projects in highly flood-prone districts in Uganda and Mozambique, to provide new scientific and social scientific knowledge with substantial research impact.

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