Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship (OMPORS)


Around the world key resources are subject to a wide range of property rights and management regimes, the environmental efficacy and social equity of which are subject to competing ideological claims and disciplinary critiques.  The Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship brought together an interdisciplinary team of philosophers, anthropologists, economists, modellers and environmental scientists to rethink how we monitor, manage, maintain and allocate globally important resources. 

As part of OMPORS, InSIS collaborated with colleagues in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics to conduct research on the usability of probabilistic forecasts.  The aim of this interdisciplinary project was to address why scientific information is – or is not - used in decision making for the management of natural hazards and resources. It examined practices, techniques and methodologies employed by weather forecasters and forecast users, identifying social and technical factors that promote, enable or constrain the successful use of probabilistic forecasts.