InSIS Welcomes Dr Stefan Schäfer

Stefan Schafer

InSIS is happy to welcome Dr Stefan Schäfer, who is visiting with InSIS for several months. 

Stefan leads a research group on climate engineering at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany, examining how a wide array of stakeholders, agendas, and bodies of knowledge shape the ongoing development of climate engineering as a set of imaginaries, discourses and policy options.

During his visit, Stefan will work with InSIS researchers on a project entitled “The Politics of Terminology in Science and Technology: Geoengineering and Nanotechnology in Germany and the UK”. The aim of the project is to examine contestation over terminology in science and technology fields as a means of better understanding key scientific-technological debates of our time.
In addition, Stefan will participate in initiatives related to the Oxford Geoengineering Programme (OGP).