Interdisciplinary Microbiome Project Hilary Term Seminar Series

The Interdisciplinary Microbiome Project will be holding a seminar series in the Oxford University Hilary Term. This series aims to bring leading thinkers on the implications of microbiome science to Oxford.

Seminars in this series will be held in The Roy Griffiths Room, Keble College, Oxford, from 14:00-15:00. All are welcome to attend.

Series schedule:

2 Feb.    Andrew Singer (Senior Scientist, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)   
              Implications of policy on AMR in the environment, and vice versa

15 Feb.   Hannah Landecker (Director, Institute for Society and Genetics, and Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, UCLA)
               The Food of our Food: Microbial Lessons From the History of Growth Promoters

23 Feb.   Lindsay Hall (Microbiome Research Leader, Institute of Food Research) 
               Fact and Fuss: implications for microbiota research

9 Mar.     Fulvio D'Acquisto (William Harvey Research Institute, QMUL)
                The immunological side of emotions and feelings. What’s s..t got to do with it?

More information on this seminar series can be found at the Interdisciplinary Microbiome Project website

IMP Seminar Series flyer