Why do we need to reconstruct drug discovery?

On 27th November 2014 InSIS Deputy Director Javier Lezaun presented alongside Professor Chas Bountra as part of the Oxford Martin School's seminar series 'Health in the 21st century: what's new?'.
Professor Bountra and Dr Lezaun take a fresh look at the way we organise early-stage (high-risk/high-reward) pharmaceutical research.
The drug discovery process is extremely high risk, takes too long and is becoming unaffordable. The pharmaceutical industry, despite massive investments, has been forced to reduce risk and costs. With ageing societies and the rise of chronic diseases of modern living, we desperately need better therapeutics. Professor Chas Bountra and Dr Javier Lezaun will examine alternatives to the traditional way of doing things, and propose a radical solution - arguably the only way to resolve this dilemma.
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