Crisis, what crisis in Science?

Seminar at the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, Oxford University

It is undeniable that scientific knowledge now has some salient social problems. Focused on ‘irreproducibility’, quality assurance of research has become an issue that produces a new cottage industry of criticisms and remedies. At the same time there is a vigorous reaction, on all fronts and at all levels. There is a new polity of science, where all these issues are debated as never before.

The Institute for Science, Innovation and Society is presenting a seminar on 30th July, at which these issues will be debated. Our two guest speakers are distinguished scholars, known for their analyses and criticism of scientific practices. Philip Mirowski (Notre Dame) and Andrea Saltelli (Bergen) will open the discussion. Jerome Ravetz will host the seminar on behalf of the Institute. The seminar will have two sessions, with registration at 10, start at 10.30, lunch at 12.30, resume at 2.30, summary at 4 and tea at 4.30.

Administrative details of the seminar will be available from Jenny Winsland (; please confirm attendance to her as well as to Andrea Saltelli (


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