Dr Sara De Wit

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Research Affiliate

Sara de Wit joined the Institute of Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS) as a postdoctoral research fellow in February 2017. She has been part of the Forecasts for Anticipatory Humanitarian Action (FATHUM) project. Trained in anthropology and African Studies Sara has a strong empirical orientation, with long-term multi-sited fieldwork experience in southeast Madagascar, the Bamenda Grassfields in Anglophone Cameroon and Maasailand in northern Tanzania. She has carried out “ethnographies of aid” – at the intersection of STS, development theories, environmental anthropology and postcolonial studies. Her research interests encompass how globally circulating ideas and technologies, such as climate change, global development policies and weather forecasts ‘travel’, and what happens when they are translated by varying actors along the translation chain. Sara is currently working on a history of WASH, for the LSHTM.