Juanita Uribe Garcia


Thesis: “Mastering the globe: The co-constitution of expertise and governance objects.”

Juanita joined InSIS as a visiting doctoral student in October 2021. She is a PhD candidate in International Relations and Political Science at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, where she also works as a Research Assistant for the project “To Save and Defend: Global Normative Ambiguity and Regional Order”, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Her work lies at the intersection between International Relations, International Political Sociology and Science and Technology Studies (STS) and encompasses three major themes: the politics of expertise,  global governance and the science-policy nexus.

Her doctoral research investigates how certain agendas become the target of global action and what is the role of expertise in this process. Juanita is currently exploring the global agendas on micronutrient malnutrition, the use of psychoactive substances, and biotechnological drugs. At InSIS Juanita will refine the conceptual chapter of her thesis, which engages with STS frameworks to explore global knowledge-making processes. Her research stay at InSIS is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.