2008 Publications

Chapters in Books and Proceedings

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December 2008 – (L. McGoey co-convenor, with Ayo Wahlberg, Julian Reiss and Nikolas Rose) Workshop on “The Science and Politics of Neglected Disease Research.” Brocher Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland, December 8-9

May 2008 - "Prozac, RCTs and the profitability of uncertainty and failure." L. McGoey Invited talk at the ENSN-Department for History and Philosophy of Science workshop, "Our Brains, our Selves?" Harvard University, May 1-3

Feb 2008 - "The perils and advantages of 'elite' interviewing: a case analysis of the Prozac controversy". L. McGoey Invited talk at the LSE Methodology Institute / National Centre for Social Research Joint Seminar Series,February 13, London School of Economics

July 2008 - J.-P. Onnela, Complex systems in a nutshell - Tracing our digital footprints,Oxford University,

June 2008 - J.-P. Onnela, Structure and modelling of large-scale social networks, Network Science 2008, Norwich, UK.