2020 Publications

Journal Articles

​​​​​Barry, N., Toé, P., Toe, LP., Lezaun, J., Drabo, M., Dabiré, RK., Diabate, Abdoulaye., (2020) Motivations and expectations driving community participation in entomological research projects: Target Malaria as a case study in Bana, Western Burkina Faso. Malaria Journal, 19, No 199 

Finda, M. F., Christofides, N., Lezaun, J., Tarimo, B., Chaki, P., Kelly, A. H., ... & Okumu, F. O. (2020). Opinions of key stakeholders on alternative interventions for malaria control and elimination in TanzaniaMalaria Journal, 19, 1-13.

Kelly, A. H., Lezaun, J., Löwy, I., Matta, G. C., de Oliveira Nogueira, C., & Rabello, E. T. (2020). Uncertainty in times of medical emergency: Knowledge gaps and structural ignorance during the Brazilian Zika crisisSocial Science & Medicine, 112787.

Greenhough, B., Read, C. J., Lorimer, J., Lezaun, J., McLeod, C., Benezra, A., ... & Dumitriu, A. (2020). Setting the agenda for social science research on the human microbiome. Palgrave Communications, 6(1), 1-11.


Online Publications:

Emerton, R., Cloke, H., Ficchi, A.,  Hawker, L., de Wit., S, Speight, L., Prudhomme, C., Rundell, P., West, R., Neal, J., Cuna, J., Harrigan, S., Titley, H., Magnusson, L., Pappenberger, F., Klingaman, N., Stephens, E., (2020) Emergency flood bulletins for cyclones Idai and Kenneth: A critical evaluation of the use of global flood forecasts for international humanitarian preparedeness and response. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 101811

Bezuidenhout, L. (2020). Africa, Laboratory Equipment and COVID-19 Response. Medical anthropology weekly; COVID-19 - Issue 1, Somatosphere

Bezuidenhout, L. (2020). Being Fair about the Design of FAIR Data Standards, Digital and Government: Research and Practice, September 2020, Article No:18